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Welcome to our site about Casinos and Casino Management.

My name is Aigars Jurgelans. I am a casino professional with a wide scope of experience in casino operations management. Since 2009 I and my team of casino managers, slot managers, player development specialists, analysts, and technicians have provided services to casino and slot operators in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Back in August 1990 I heard an advertisement on the radio that Casinos Austria were recruiting young people to be trained as croupiers. I did not know what a casino was, nor I knew what a croupier was supposed to do. Went for an interview, started training and here I am now, 30 years later…

During this time I was lucky to gain casino operations management experience in various positions not only in the Table Games department but also in the Cash Desk and Slots Operations.

I was part of the management teams during the opening of 15 casinos in 10 countries. I have seen mistakes being made when designing casinos, when ordering equipment and even in the company founding documents. I am grateful for this experience. Every mistake in the past (even if made by somebody else) gives me a better understanding of what needs to be done to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Another reason why I consider myself lucky is because during this time of opening-operating-consulting casinos I met my colleagues and partners. They are not only great specialists in their fields but also dear and trustworthy friends.

Casino Operations Management

Our Casino Operations Management team will be happy to:

  • answer your questions about casino management;
  • help you figure out how to make your casino business more profitable;
  • choose the right equipment for your needs;
  • choose the right casino management software;
  • provide interim management;
  • find a buyer for your equipment;
  • find second hand slot machines;
  • guide you through all steps of opening a casino or slots operation.

I am sure there are many other areas that I and my team can be of help to you. Contact us to arrange a consultation.

Casino Operations Management