About Us

Welcome to our professional platform dedicated to the realms of Casinos and Casino Management.

I am Aigars Jurgelans, a seasoned expert in the field of casino operations management. With a comprehensive background that commenced in 2009, my team and I—comprising adept casino managers, slot managers, player development specialists, analysts, and technicians—have extended our consultancy and service provision to casino and slot operators across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

My journey into the casino industry began unexpectedly in August 1990 when I came across a recruitment advertisement from Casinos Austria seeking young individuals for croupier training. At that time, my familiarity with casinos and the role of a croupier was nonexistent. Nevertheless, I pursued the opportunity, embarking on a training program that paved the way to where I stand today, three decades later.

Throughout these years, I have been fortunate to accumulate a wealth of experience in casino operations management across various capacities, not limited to Table Games, but also encompassing the Cash Desk and Slots Operations.

My career highlights include contributing to the management teams responsible for the launch of 15 casinos across 10 countries. These experiences have provided me with invaluable insights into common pitfalls in casino design, equipment procurement, and even foundational corporate documentation. I am deeply thankful for these learning opportunities, as each oversight encountered—whether directly or indirectly—has enriched my understanding and strategic approach to circumventing similar issues in the future.

Moreover, this journey has been significantly enriched by the relationships forged with colleagues and partners. Beyond their exceptional professional expertise, they have become treasured, reliable friends.

Our site aims to convey not just our services but the depth of our experience and the values we bring to every project and partnership.

A professional casino manager overseeing gaming operations on the casino floor, strategically ensuring compliance, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency

Our Casino Operations Management team is at your service to provide comprehensive support and expert guidance across a wide spectrum of your casino business needs. We are dedicated to offering tailored solutions to enhance your operations and profitability.

Our Casino Management services include:

  • Addressing your inquiries regarding casino management practices and strategies.
  • Assisting in optimizing your casino’s profitability through targeted operational improvements.
  • Recommending and sourcing the most suitable equipment tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Selecting the ideal casino management software to streamline your operations.
  • Offering interim management services to ensure continuity and efficiency in your casino’s leadership.
  • Facilitating the sale of your existing equipment to prospective buyers.
  • Sourcing high-quality second-hand slot machines.
  • Providing step-by-step guidance for the establishment of new casino or slots operations.

We believe our expertise extends beyond these areas and are confident in our ability to contribute significantly to the success of your venture. To explore how our team can assist you further, we invite you to contact us and schedule a consultation.