Casino Consultancy Services

Casino businesses, if managed professionally, generally have a steady revenue flow with some peaks and troughs once in a while. Sometimes casino revenues and profits thereof are experiencing a decline, and, when it is becoming a trend, the reason for the decline must be identified and following adjustments made to improve the results.

A Few Reasons That Could Cause Casino Revenues To Decline:

  • Poor game management;
  • Fraud and collusion;
  • Insufficient personnel training;
  • Poor customer service;
  • Worsening of the economic situation.

As part of our team’s Casino Consultancy Services I will make an assessment of the current state of your casino operations and develop an action plan.

The assessment can be done on site or remotely.
On site assessment
requires me to travel to your location, analyze your casino’s data, and observe casino operational processes.
Remote assessment includes data analysis and requires data from your casino and online Q/A sessions with key personnel.  

I also provide Departmental Casino Consultancy Services:

  • Table Games;
  • Casino Cash Desk Department Consulting and Procedures Set Up;
  • Slot Department Consulting;
  • Marketing Department Consulting.  

The choice of Casino Management Systems and/or Slot Management Systems is becoming more important than ever. It is essential to understand the needs of the casino, local legal requirements (some countries have introduced online control systems and some products are not compatible with them), top management requirements and overall usability of each casino management system.

Our team is experienced in working with many systems. We have our own slot management system developed by our partner’s company – Easy CSMS. It is created by a team of slot operators and software engineers. Easy CSMS is easy to install and tailor to any operator’s needs.

 Novomatic’s Octavian Slot Management System in tandem with Logismos Casino Management System is gaining its popularity in North Cyprus. Both Slot and Casino wing have a great training and support personnel. 

Feel free to contact me for whatever questions you have.